Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Simbu | Dhanush / Aishwarya

Simbu and Dhanush/Aishwarya on Prashanth’s marriage. I hear you saying, ‘ mamey !! build-up kudukatha‘. I agree but its certainly an interesting snap.


Translated message.

The conversation is recored from here

The Mother: Yes, she said she has talked about it and hung up
The Guy: Please tell her to talk to me for one minuite.
The Mother: No, it's over........
The Guy: Ok! i will talk to Mr. Saravannan.
The Mother: What are you thinking about us?
The Guy: What are you thinking about me? Some mad crazy fellow.
The Mother: Ok, Tell you what.
The Guy: What ?
The Mother: Tell you what.
The Guy: Yes!
The Mother: Shall i kill her off then.
The Guy: Why you wanna kill her ? You are her mother, you couldn't get her to talk for 2 mins. but you can kill her. Is that so easy for you.
The Mother: What then? She is engaged to some one and you want to talk to her now.
The Guy: Nothing's going to happen talking for 2 minuits.
The Mother: Why are you doing like this ?
The Guy: Tell her to talk to me, only then i will feel better........

The girl talks the phone

The Girl : What did you say?
The Guy: What?
The Girl : What did you say to my mother?
The Guy: What did i say?
The Girl : You said that karthi anna (brother) tried to rape. Why are you humiliating me?
The Guy: Hey, i only said what happened
The Girl : Why are you saying all that?
The Guy: Is that why.......
The Girl : Does it not seem to be dirty to you.
The Guy: And why you did is not dirty to you.
The Girl : Did it not seem dirty to you? Dont you know what all to talk, you know i am a girl, dont you.
The Guy: Yes, it is the girls who cheat us boys and you expect us to be quite. Did you not sleep with me? How many nights we have spent together? After all this you dump me and expect me to be quite. You should have decently to me about the problem and to leave you.
The Girl : Ok, now i am telling you decently. Leave me.
The Guy: Yes, say that now.
The Girl : Leave me alone. Please.
The Guy: Tell me what all you did, Did you not love me ?
The Girl : Please, Leave me alone.
The Guy: Did you not love me for five years.
The Girl : I told you to leave me alone.
The Guy: First answer me, only then i will leave you.
The Girl : You will leave me if i answer.
The Guy: Yes, i will.
The Girl : Yes, i did love you. enough.
The Guy: Yes, is this how you loved me.
The Girl : Like what
The Guy: Being rude, that's what.
The Girl : No, i was very sincere in my love
The Guy: Then what?
The Girl : Please understand my situation
The Guy: Your situation ok
The Girl : Now listen, i dont want to talk to you.
The Guy: Of course, you dont want to, how could you. You went out with someone else on 10th standard, then your brother, then me, now this guy, maybe 10 years later someone else. I know you have changed that much. I know this is how you are will behave. That i know, that's not the problem. The problem is did you love me or not. I will leave you alone, answer me first.
The Girl : I already said yes to that
The Guy: How many days we..............
The Girl : What do you want from me?
The Guy: I don't want anything from you. Remember how you cheated me.
The Girl : I never cheated you, i never cheated anyone.
The Guy: Then what about......
The Girl : Please hang up.
The Guy: Hey..
The Girl : Please hang up, i dont wanna talk to you,
The Guy: Hey don't.......
The Girl: Don't talk like that to me
The Guy: Then shall we.
The Girl: Don't you have any decency, Don't you have any ..........
The Guy: ummm. You cheated me, Dont you have any decency.
The Girl: Ok, ok, leave it, leave me.
The Guy: Hey, don't act like some ......................

The mother takes the phone.

The Mother: Now what?
The Guy: What is this ? Why cant she speak properly, behaving like some cry baby.
The Mother: What cry baby? You are making her cry. You ...
The Guy: Wait wait. Ok, we have a situation here, This is some big problem, we have to face it, she has no courage to face that problem, she gave up, she dumped me. Atleast i should have er... I am her lover, you should have made me realise, you should have talked to me about this situation and asked me to do some compramise.
The Mother: That's what we......
The Guy: That's what i wanted to talked to but she gave the phone to you, Does she not have any courage to face me.
The Mother: What no courage?
The Guy: Then give the phone to her. tell her to talk to me.

The girl takes the phone

The Girl: I dont like this leave me.
The Guy: Wait, PRIYA. Wait, lets talk this over.
The Girl: Ok, talk
The Guy: We will finish this once and for all.
The Girl: Ok, speak.
The Guy: Ok........ Did you not love me.
The Girl: Yes, i did.
The Guy: Were you not very sincere in it.
The Girl: Yes, i was.
The Guy: Did you not flirt with me in so many places.
The Girl: -----------------------------------
The Guy: Tell me.
The Girl: Now look, this is not the time to talk about it.
The Guy: Didn't you flirt.
The Girl: Why are you talking about all this now, Does it not seem dirty to you.
The Guy: And what about all you did.
The Girl: Why are you lying about all that.
The Guy: I am only talking about what you did.
The Girl: Now look, if you wanna talk this, please dont talk to me. Dont talk this dirty to me.
The Guy: Were you not sleeping with me that dirty.
The Girl: NO.
The Guy: NO. ummm
The Girl: Kindly hang up will you.
The Guy: Did you not sleep with me.
The Girl: No! I already said no.
The Guy: Ok, Mr. Saravannan would ask you about it, be ready to answer him. DIE DIE, YOU BITCH.................Go and Die...........Die.