Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kamal Hassan not fit for politics

Politics in any country is said to be a mind game of a person who tries to control several people. In India, it is added a bit and the motive is to earn in all sorts of way in the tenure of being a politician.

Recently, there is news that ilayapathi Vijay will enter politics before the next general elections take place. In the same way, Superstar Rajinikanth is also said to enter politics after he completes his upcoming movies schedule of “ROBOT” which is going to be in the year 2010.

Recently, versatile actor Kamal Hassan was asked about his political entry and the actor gave a shocking reply. He said that, though he is a national figure he has no desire to enter politics as he considers himself as an unfit person to enter politics.

 He also added that according to present political scenario he would never-ever enter Indian politics. He also disclosed that the day he enters politics, he will be the person who will be the reason for several people’s anger and must carry a gun with him as a price to become a politician.

For whatever reasons, Kamal has disclosed this shocking truth; he seems to have warned the other actors who are entering politics.