Friday, August 28, 2009

Shriya to walk the | Red Carpet

The Shriya starrer “What’s Cooking with Stella?” is due to be showcased for the international audience at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival beginning September 10th. Shriya, who plays an important role in the film, has been invited to walk the red carpet during the event.

Excited over this, the actress says that it is an honor to rub shoulders with international film celebrities. She revealed that she has discussed her costumes with her designer. Known for stirring up several controversies for wearing skimpy clothes during several events in Kollywood, she was quizzed about her preference, to which Shriya said that she would consider wearing clothes that will reflect the Indian tradition. The lady hinted that she may wear a saree during the event.

7 Things I liked about | Kanthaswamy

1. The concept

Kanthaswamy might not be the first movie to say this, but it is definitely an idea that deserves to be told time and again until we are close to realizing it. Uneven accumulation of wealth is one issue that has been hampering our development for decades. Statistics put India right at the top of the list of countries which have personal deposits in Swiss banks. The rest of the world would not be able to outweigh India in terms of black money, some say. The movie also emphasizes that accrual of illegal money gives unwarranted powers to few who feel no remorse in misusing it. So, Kanthaswamy indeed raises a pertinent point.

2. The Style

We always knew that Vikram was a class actor, but we never knew that he could be so stylish. Anniyan’s Remo is perhaps the only character he had played which has

emphasis on style. But, Kanthaswamy has outdone all that. The blazers and the coolers sit perfectly on Vikram and he carries them off with élan. The costumer must be applauded for some excellent work.

3. The leading lady

Well, Shriya has always been a soft target for those who don’t like the conventional arm candy type of heroines, Kanthaswamy has been no different. But, there is more to her performance in the movie than the petty criticisms. First, she is playing the daughter of a multi millionaire and she has brought out that haughty demeanor in a great way. The high handedness, the attitude and overconfident body language are all present. Of course, her dance movements will be setting new benchmarks for leading ladies in Tamil cinema, watch the final portions of the ‘Allegra’ song to understand fully what has been said.

4. The visuals

For a film that has been called run of the mill commercial stuff, the camera department has been daringly different. No one can remember an Indian film that had opted for a yellow tone throughout. We have had shades of blue and other pleasing colors at best, but yellow is definitely a new experience. Only Hollywood has tried this before. The scenes in Mexico, especially the aerial shot of three hummers atop a bridge, are extremely well taken.

5. The sets

The art department must be applauded for creating some sets that appear very genuine, especially the interiors of the CBI office, the interrogation room and other such small touches.

6. The songs

Richly shot, peppy and well placed; the songs of Kanthaswamy are really a highlight of the film. Be it the racy ‘Allegra’, the conversation type ‘Excuse Me’ or the raunchy ‘Meeow Meeow’, all catch the eye.

7. The Places

Susi Ganesan has globe trotted for Kanthaswamy. The locations are ones that have never been seen before; full credit to the team for unearthing such unseen locations and bringing them onto screen. Thanks to Kalaipuli Thanu for showing faith in the director and giving him all that he needed to make the spectacle possible.

Raavan Shooting At Athirapally Forest | Ash And Mani

Director Mani Ratnam’s and his team is busy in shooting the film “Ravan” in the Athirappally forests, Thrissur District, Kerala. In the film “Ravan” Hindi version Abhishek Bachan plays the important role and in Tamil Vikram is doing that role. Everyone knows that Aishwarya Bachan is the heroine in the both languages.

On 29th July, the elephant Kunju was out of control and it killed its51 years old mahout Andavan and disturbing the traffic by standing in the road. Everybody suffers a lot. Both Ash and Abhisehek were not able to return to their hotel. Sources said that now Veterinary Doctors came to the Spot and controlled it.

Naan Avan Illai-2 | Jeevan |Story And Stills

Actor Jeevan is busy with his new film "Naan Avan Illai-2" where he had already acted previously by the same title in the year 2007. The first film had a fair amount of success. Even when the film industry is very busy this silent hero always seems to be a cool customer. After his super duper hit in "Kaakha Kaakha" acted as a villain of whom people still remember him by name Pandiyan. Such was the force he had created in that film. The first one Naan Avan Illai did well which was made possible by the entire team producer, director, the artists like Hero and as well as heroines. Here too in "Naan Avan Illai-2" all the five heroines are fed with competitive opportunities amongst them.

As a one line story Jeevan says If one is a crooked, finally he will have to pay the penalty for the undoing and land up at loss. The film is being shot at Dubai the place "Naan Avan Illai" shooting final scenes were taken. The Hero is certainly finding ease with five heroines Lakshmi Rai, Sangeetha, Shwetha Menon, Rachna Maurya and Hemamalini and according to him all are talented. After so much hardwork by the entire team the Director Selva, Producer Hitesh Jhabak and wth the help of God Jeevan's this movie will surely be a hit.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vijay Special In | Vettaikaran

Music Director Vijay Anony who has recently composed three songs for the film Vettaikaran with Illayathalapathy in the lead role. As a change the introducing song featuring Vijay and Anuska was picturised in the outskirts of Rajamundry. Sanjay, Vijay's son also gae some rollicking steps in the song. The movie is directed by Babu Sivan.

As expected the song will be according to the Music Director will be blockbuster hit. We wish the entire team all the very best for a grand success- especially Vijay for his excellent dance movements and his flip tonged dialogue delivery.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Radharavi reasonable anger over rahman

Radharavi on behalf of South Indian Artists Association had invited A R Rahman to honour his Oscar endeavour.

But AR Rahman failed to give a date for the occasion and that has angered Radha Ravi and he took the opportunity to vent his anger.

Condemning Rahman's behaviour, during the audio launch of a film titled Mandapam, actor Radharavi was more enraged against A.R. Rahman saying, ‘I would like to make it clear that Rahman’s debut was Roja and not Slumdog Millionaire. He was introduced by Kavithalaya Productions, a Tamil film production company.

But today, he has refused to acknowledge it by giving priorities merely to money.

Sridevi In Tamil Film ?

Dhanush next film is “Mappillai”. This is the remake of Rajin’s “Mappillai”. Haniska Motwani is the heroine in the film. The earlier “Mappillai” Amala was the heroine. The story of this film is clash between wealthy mother-in-law and his poor son-in-law. Mother-in-law character is done by Srividya.

Now in this new “Mappillai” is going to be directed by Suraaj. Sources said that the mother-in-law character – Sridevi is going to act. This is a welcome news. Everyone in Tamil Nadu like Sridevi for her acting talents. Let us welcome Sridevi for her come back in Tamil Cine World.

Endhiran | Rajini Teaches Aishwarya Rai Tamil

Superstar Rajini's "Endhiran" shooting is going on well. Aishwarya Rai who is the heroin in film initially finds it very difficult to cope up with lengthy dialogues in Tamil. She belongs to Telugu. The entire team includes Rajini adjusted and waited for any number of takes. But now a days she is fast to understand the Tamil and able to deliver even lengthy script that astonished every one.

Her speed of dialogue whether in Hindi or Tamil version and the sentiment scenes with clear tone of voice is very well acclaimed. So the whole team is contemplating of retaining heroine portion with her original voice in the final film. Currently she is in Ooty told that she came across so many enjoyable occasions from the right start of her first film Iruvar by Mani Ratnam and to this movie "Endhiran".